J.H.Aspinwall   The business started in 1867 by an English trader of yore, Mr. J.H.Aspinwall, in the coastal town of Cochin in the southwestern coast of India. Beginning with trading in coconut oil, pepper, timber and spices to Europe as well as ship-building, the company grew as a quality supplier over the years and later diversified and consolidated into shipping services, coffee, coir and rubber businesses.
J.H.Aspinwall   With the independence of the Indian Union and changes in the industrial policy of the new democracy, the foreign interests started to liquidate their share in the business. The erstwhile rulers of the princely state of Travancore who owned part of the company were offered the entire interests in the company, and in 1971 the ownership passed over to the royal family of Travancore.
  While the shipping services are handled from all the major ports in India, coffee business is handled from the coastal town of Mangalore, coir business from Alleppey, rubber plantations from a tiny hamlet, Pullangode, in the northeast of the state of Kerala. 
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