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Coffee as a commodity item is traded in the form of coffee beans. It is in fact the second largest traded commodity in the world after crude oil. The berries of the coffee plant, both Arabica and Robusta are harvested and subjected to on-farm processing to extract the bean in its raw form. Based on the type of on-farm processing ( sun-drying or pulping cum washing method) , four types of raw coffee beans are traded in the market:
  • Washed Arabica ( commercially known as Plantation)
  • Unwashed Arabica (commercially known as Arabica Cherry)
  • Washed Robusta (commercially known as Robusta Parchment)
  • Unwashed Robusta (commercially known as Robusta Cherry)
Raw coffee beans undergo curing process and are graded based on size of beans, type of defect and % defect imperfection better known as grades of coffee.
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Washed Arabica Unwashed Arabica Washed Robusta Unwashed Robusta

Plantation PB
Arabica Cherry PB Robusta Parchment PB Robusta Cherry PB
Plantation A Arabica Cherry AB Robusta Parchment AB Robusta Cherry AB
Plantation B Arabica Cherry C Robusta Parchment C Robusta Cherry C
Plantation C Arabica Cherry Blacks / Browns Robusta Parchment Blacks / Browns Robusta Cherry Blacks / Browns
Plantation Blacks Arabica Cherry Bits Robusta Parchment Bits Robusta Cherry Bits
Plantation Bits Arabica Cherry Bulk Robusta Parchment Bulk Robusta Cherry Bulk
Plantation Bulk     Robusta Cherry Clean Bulk

coffee premium grades
Washed Arabica Unwashed Arabica Washed Robusta Unwashed Robusta

Plantation AA
Arabica Cherry AA Robusta Parchment A Robusta Cherry AA
Plantation PB Bold Arabica Cherry A Robusta Parchment PB Bold Robusta Cherry A
  Arabica Cherry PB Bold   Robusta Cherry PB Bold

coffee specialty grades
Monsooned Coffees
  Monsooned Malabar AA Monsooned Basanally Monsooned Arabica Triage
  Monsooned Robusta AA   Monsooned Robusta Triage
Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold
Robusta Kaapi Royale
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