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Coffee - the dark, aromatic, non-alcoholic brew loved the world over for its stimulating and refreshing taste is a derivative of the coffee plant. It is the bean extracted from the fruit of the coffee plant that is roasted, ground and liquored to produce the fascinating brew loved the world over.
Being the fifth largest producer and a major exporter of coffee in the world, India is a force to reckon with in the global coffee industry. India produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee. Indian coffee is respected for its quality taste and visual splendour.
coffee coffee india coffee export coffee india
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  • Planted area in coffee 346,995 ha (Robusta 52%; Arabica 48%)
  • Annual production 275,225 tonnes
  • India's share in global production 4.5%
  • Productivity 937 kg/ha
  • India exports 76% of its produce-210,000 tonnes
  • India's share in global exports 4.7%
  • No.of coffee holdings- 178,308
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